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Accelerate Your E-commerce Journey with OpenCart

OpenCart is the ideal choice for starting or migrating your eCommerce business due to its robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich open source platform. With OpenCart, you can offer a diverse product range, streamline your workflow, and access valuable analytics at a fraction of the cost compared to other solutions. Comval excels in OpenCart eCommerce development services, serving large, mid-sized, and small enterprises across various industries. Our agile approach guarantees timely delivery and ensures 100% customer satisfaction by incorporating feedback into the iterative development process.

Online shoping website with Opencart

Get a powerful OpenCart store today and boost your online presence!

Why OpenCart E-Commerce Development?

OpenCart is an easy-to-setup eCommerce platform that offers a user-friendly admin panel. It can be used to create a variety of stores, including single stores, multi-vendor stores, chain stores, and multi-merchant marketplace models.

Simple User Management System.


Run multiple stores from a single interface.


Add, edit, and manage products easily.


Track and process orders easily.


Create and manage online coupons.


Looks great on all devices.


Supports a wide variety of payment gateways.


Extend the functionality of your store.


Protects your customers' data.

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Our Dynamic OpenCart Development Services

Leading the OpenCart eCommerce niche, our developers excel with updated knowledge, intricate attention, and innovative solutions for unique online stores. We offer unique and innovative solutions to differentiate each online store.

OpenCart Mobile App Development

With a focus on great design, cutting-edge technology, and business values, We develop mobile apps that exceed expectations. Our smart and experienced remote teams ensure seamless collaboration, transforming your website into an application with simple navigation. We provide optimization for both Android and iOS devices.

Custom OpenCart Development

In this dynamic era of technology, we recognize the need for change in your business. A static store is no longer sufficient. Customers expect seamless processes and we offer diverse customizations to meet their expectations. Our result? The ultimate shopping experience that fulfills customer needs.

OpenCart Marketplace Development

For those considering an eCommerce marketplace, OpenCart is the ideal choice. It caters well to small and medium-scale businesses. We guarantee to provide assistance and create a stunning online marketplace tailored to your preferences. Integrate marketplace management with your existing OpenCart store to kickstart your online venture.

OpenCart Theme Development

Selecting a fitting theme for your OpenCart website is crucial as customers seek appealing online stores. OpenCart comes with a pre-installed template, but custom templates using an MVC-L design pattern are also possible. Ensure optimized themes for Mobile SEO and speed.

OpenCart Migration Services

Migrations can be challenging, considering crucial factors like SEO, Page Speed, and UX. Comval provides comprehensive OpenCart migration services, including from various eCommerce platforms - WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, and Cs-Cart to OpenCart.

OpenCart PWA Development

Opt for a cost-effective mobile app for your website with a PWA solution. In the gadget-driven era, Headless PWA integration offers a seamless app experience to customers, enhancing eCommerce functionalities with native-app-like interactions. This technology follows a decoupled architecture, delivering and managing content through web APIs.

OpenCart API Development

OpenCart empowers you with user-friendly APIs accessed through the OpenCart token. Built on the REST protocol, these APIs enable seamless integration between your store and third-party systems. Easily utilize store functionality across devices and remotely manage website data, reducing repetitive workload with OpenCart's efficient APIs.

OpenCart B2B Development

B2B enables global suppliers to connect and sell products through a single online platform. Transitioning to B2B commerce offers business owners a competitive edge in the eCommerce industry, enhancing sales and revenue. It facilitates global business transactions between buyers and suppliers worldwide.

OpenCart CMS Development

Our team excels in OpenCart CMS, customizing it to clients' precise needs and constructing robust eCommerce stores. Rely on us for expert OpenCart customization, delivering seamless integration and a powerful online shopping experience.

Explore the Diverse Integrations Offered by OpenCart

For a flawless website and streamlined tasks, choose Third-party integration. Enhance shopping with OpenCart development services, integrating 3rd-party APIs for a seamless and secure user experience.
OpenCart Payment Gateway Integration
OpenCart CRM Software Integration
Business Intelligence Integration
Marketing Tool Integration
Multichannel Connecter
OpenCart Shipping API Integration
End to End ERP Integration
PIM Integration
OpenCart Smart Search Integration
POS Integration

Experience the Outcomes Directly through Our Portfolio

Immerse yourself in our Portfolio to experience the results directly, empowering you to make informed decisions.
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Our Process and Workflow for OpenCart Development Services

By following a well-defined process and workflow, we ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, while meeting all project requirements and client’s needs.
01 Step
Understanding Your Requirements

We take the time to deeply comprehend your unique needs and objectives for your OpenCart store, including desired features, design preferences, and customizations.

02 Step
Design and Wireframing

Our skilled team crafts visually captivating and user-centric designs for your OpenCart store, presenting you with wireframes and mockups for your valuable input.

03 Step
Development and Customization

With utmost expertise, we execute the development and customization of your OpenCart store, seamlessly integrating essential extensions, optimizing performance, and ensuring cross-device functionality.

04 Step
Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

We conduct meticulous testing to identify and rectify any bugs or glitches, guaranteeing the stability, security, and top-notch performance of your OpenCart store.

05 Step
Deployment and Launch

Our team skillfully deploys your meticulously developed OpenCart store on your chosen hosting environment, diligently configuring the necessary settings for a flawless launch.

06 Step
Reliable Support and Maintenance

We provide dedicated post-launch support and maintenance services, promptly addressing any issues, performing regular updates, ensuring robust security, and optimizing performance for a continuously smooth operation of your OpenCart store.

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Our Hiring Models

We offer flexibility in choosing the best-suited engagement models for all our clients.
Our hourly hiring rate starts at just USD 8/hr.

Dedicated Hiring


7 Hours/ Day, 5 Days/ Week


Voice Call,Email,Skype,Other



Hiring Period

Minimum 1 Month

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Fixed Pricing Hiring


4 Hours/ Day, 5 Days/ Week


Voice Call,Email,Skype,Other



Hiring Period

Minimum 7 Days

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Hourly Hiring


3 Hours/ Day, 5 Days/ Week


Voice Call,Email,Skype,Other



Hiring Period

Minimum 3 Hours

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General Questions by Client

Here are answers to some common questions that may arrive in your mind

Yes, OpenCart is a highly scalable platform that can accommodate the growth of your online business. It supports a large number of products, categories, and customers, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. With the help of our OpenCart development services, we can optimize your store's performance, implement efficient caching mechanisms, and ensure that it can handle increasing traffic and sales volumes as your business expands.
Absolutely! OpenCart has a vast marketplace offering a wide range of extensions and plugins to enhance the functionality of your store. Our experienced developers can seamlessly integrate third-party extensions that align with your business needs, such as payment gateways, shipping methods, marketing tools, and more. We can also develop custom extensions or modify existing ones to meet your specific requirements, providing you with a tailored solution.
OpenCart is known for its security features, and it provides various options to secure your online store. However, like any other platform, keeping your store updated and using best security practices is important.
Yes, you can migrate your store to OpenCart. Comval ensure a smooth migration process.
OpenCart has a vast community of users and developers who provide support and assistance through forums and online resources. Additionally, you can Rely on our professional developers for technical support and maintenance services.

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services for OpenCart stores to ensure their smooth operation and continued success. Our team can assist with regular updates, security patches, performance optimization, bug fixes, and troubleshooting. We also provide monitoring and proactive maintenance to identify and address any issues before they impact your store. With our ongoing support, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the technical aspects of your OpenCart store.

Woocommerce vs Opencart

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