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Why Opt for Digital Marketing?

To be honest, in this fast-paced digital world, where people reach for their mobile phones before even opening their eyes in the morning, it is important to embrace the benefits of Digital Marketing if you want to succeed in any field. We have a very reasonable cost of digital marketing so that you can take a step toward the success of your venture more easily!
  • 1More than 80% of customers search online before making online purchases.
  • 2Over 78% of local searches lead to offline conversations. Don't miss out on potential customers in your area if you run a local venture. More than 70% of shoppers prefer reading about products online rather than through traditional means.
  • 3Over 40% of traffic to e-commerce stores comes from Google searches.
  • 4People spend nearly 3-4 hours on their mobile phones. Where else can you find such extensive exposure? So, why not tap into their devices? You can always put faith in our digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketing cost is an important factor in every decision. So, it is normal to wonder how much digital marketing packages cost.

The scope and offerings of digital marketing services can vary widely, depending on the agency or provider. It is important to remember that the price of digital marketing can vary from one agency to another.

We have different types of digital marketing pricing models that align with your specific marketing goals and budget. The costs mentioned here are a combination of general research and our pricing for digital marketing services. You will often see this pricing model as a reflection of our services, making it a compelling choice for our customers.

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CRO Package

Starts at $1500.00 only
  • Target: Organic Search Results
  • Best Suited For: Niche Businesses
  • Keywords are generally: Long Tail / City / Town Specific
  • Covers: Campaign Management + Conversion Tracking
  • What to expect: More Calls / Enquire
  • Improvements Expected: From 2 month onwards

Link Building Package

Starts at $399.00 only
  • Target: Organic Search Result
  • Best Suited For: Niche Businesses
  • Keywords are generally: Long Tail / City / Town Specific
  • Covers: Backlink Generation
  • What to expect: Quality Backlinks
  • Improvements Expected: From 2 month onwards

How to Calculate Digital Marketing ROI in 2023:

Wondering how to measure the success of your digital marketing in 2023? Calculating the return on investment (ROI) is the key, and it is easier than you think!

ROI is a comparison between the revenue generated from your marketing campaign and the expenses incurred. The goal is to achieve the highest possible ROI.

To calculate ROI, use this formula: (Net Profit / Total Cost) * 100. This gives you a percentage that shows how effective your campaign has been.

However, keep in mind that accurate ROI calculation requires a few important considerations. Set clear goals and objectives, rely on reliable data and statistics, track the right key performance indicators (KPIs), and monitor the metrics that truly matter.

By following these steps, you can determine the real impact of your digital marketing endeavours and make informed decisions for better results in 2023. You can expect to invest in digital marketing to gain significant returns on investment.


Factors That Affect Digital-Marketing Cost

How much do digital marketing agencies charge, and how much does digital marketing cost? With the landscape becoming more competitive, companies are seeking ways to enhance their online visibility while keeping costs in check. The cost of digital marketing can vary significantly based on factors like the nature of your business, its size, and the strategies you employ. Before devising a plan, it is crucial to understand the key factors influencing cost.


One of the most influential factors is your budget. Allocating sufficient funds to cover various aspects of your strategy, such as ads, design, development, copywriting, and analytics, is essential. Additionally, if you outsource services like web design or SEO optimization, these costs should be taken into account. Furthermore, don’t overlook the expenses associated with tools like social media management software and email automation platforms, which can streamline your marketing endeavours.

A well-defined pricing structure helps optimise marketing investments. Our digital marketing pricing models vary, with options such as hourly rates, project-based fees, or performance-based pricing.

Digital marketing prices can vary depending on factors such as ad spend and campaign duration. Our Digital marketing agency pricing is influenced by various factors. Here are a few factors that impact the cost of our digital marketing campaign plans:

Audience Selection

Here is some information about audience targeting: Gender and demographics are among the most significant factors. The cost of running search ads can vary depending on the audience you want to target. It is not uncommon to find that running the same ad in two different regions costs different amounts. Ads and messages are targeted to consumers based on their devices. The concept of cross-device marketing involves reaching audiences across multiple devices. The accompanying image depicts this concept on a white background with bright violet colours.

Expected Results/Goals

The expected results of a digital marketing campaign are a significant factor when determining the budget. If you need quick and effective results, you may need to allocate more funds to paid campaigns. This means higher expenses. Alternatively, if you are not in a rush to see results, you can choose a regular SEO and SMO plan, which will yield gradual results over time.

Business Stage - Initial or Established

If you are a new business looking to gain traction, you may need to invest more funds to get started. Conversely, if you are an established player with a great market reputation, you may be able to continue with the status quo. However, this can also be reversed, especially if you are short of funds at the initial stage.

Seasonal Businesses

If you operate a seasonal business, it is logical to increase your marketing expenses during that particular period. During the remaining times, you can continue your regular operations within the designated digital promotion budget.

Squarespace develpment 1

Type of Business

Each industry sector has unique characteristics, which also apply to their digital promotion budgets. For instance, if you belong to the FMCD (Fast-Moving Consumer Durables) sector, where establishing and nurturing strong customer relationships is crucial for success, it is advisable to allocate a higher portion of your budget towards this goal. On the contrary, if you operate as a B2B product supplier, where offline connections play a vital role, it may not be logical to invest significantly in digital marketing endeavours. Additionally, your spending capacity plays a significant role in determining the extent to which you can embrace online promotions.

Local or National Business

This factor is easily comprehensible. The broader your target regions, the greater the marketing budget required. Businesses typically pay for digital marketing services based on various pricing models. For local businesses, an average marketing budget suitable for small businesses is generally sufficient. However, if your business operates on a national scale, a small business marketing budget may not be adequate. Digital marketing pricing in India can vary based on many factors. While several factors influence the cost of digital marketing, such as the chosen agency, additional services purchased, the complexity of your business, and more, the aforementioned factors are the most crucial ones to consider when determining a reasonable Internet marketing plan. Our Digital marketing packages in India are tailored to businesses of all sizes and budgets. The Comval marketing team comprises a dedicated group of professionals, and we have different digital marketing services on offer. Our digital marketing pricing guide is based on informed decision-making.

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5 Reasons to Embrac Digital Marketing

It has become a crucial aspect of business success in the modern age. The advantages are numerous, including improved customer communication leading to higher loyalty rates, the ability to engage customers at all stages, targeted audience outreach, consistent lead generation, improved brand reputation, and increased revenue generation. To achieve optimal results, it is essential to employ the best digital marketing strategies.
By utilising the digital marketing strategies of our experts, businesses can effectively compete with their competitors, achieve their goals, and maximise profitability.
In the present business landscape, there are numerous compelling reasons for investing in digital marketing. Here are five key advantages:


Accelerated Business Growth

Analysts project an annual growth rate of over 10 percent for the digital marketing industry over the next four years, totalling an impressive growth of more than 45 percent. This demonstrates the value and effectiveness of digital promotion service in driving tangible results. Leveraging a variety of services that offer a high return on investment (ROI) can expedite the growth of your company. This continuous expansion opens up opportunities to achieve significant milestones, such as venturing into new markets and generating employment opportunities within your local community.


Enhanced Brand Awareness

By implementing long-term digital strategies, your business can significantly boost brand awareness and foster brand loyalty among clients and target audiences. Content marketing and social-media marketing are examples of effective digital promotion service that promotes brand awareness and loyalty. These approaches focus on providing value to your target audience, whether through creating original content that addresses their questions or engaging them on various social platforms. By prioritising the user experience and their interests, you can strengthen your online brand reputation and cultivate customer loyalty, ultimately influencing sales goals and driving long-term results.


Sustained Competitive Edge

In today's competitive market, digital marketing is crucial for both online and offline businesses. Marketing is an ongoing strategy that requires consistent effort. To effectively reach your target audience, increase revenue, and enhance brand awareness, investing in digital marketing is essential. Our team of hands-on account managers, combined with proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) software, will develop a tailored digital marketing strategy that maximises your online presence and helps you achieve challenging objectives. By establishing a strong online presence, you can keep your business competitive in a challenging marketplace.


Increased Revenue Generation

Digital promotion service has the potential to deliver an impressive ROI and contribute to long-term revenue growth. By employing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), your business can consistently reach a larger customer base and generate more revenue online. To achieve optimal results, it is crucial to invest in a competitive strategy and partner with a trusted and experienced agency.


Expanded Market Share

Investing in digital marketing enables you to increase your market share, thereby enhancing your company's revenue growth and establishing industry leadership. Email marketing and video marketing are just a few examples of digital promotion services that can contribute to expanding your market share. These services allow you to connect with consumers at every stage of the buying funnel, encouraging them to choose your business. For instance, email marketing has been shown to generate 50 percent more sales than any other lead generation method, while video marketing can boost conversions by over 85 percent. These services drive sales and conversions, facilitating revenue growth and market share expansion.