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Memories and Stories to Cherish

At Comval, we try and organize quite a few events and celebrate festivals to drive out stress and work for a better tomorrow.
June 2023

Independence Day 2023

At Comval, we take pride not only in our technological prowess but also in our deep-rooted values. This Independence Day, we came together as a close-knit family to celebrate the essence of freedom and unity that defines our great nation.

It was a reminder that while we are a company dedicated to innovation and excellence, we are also part of a nation built on the principles of liberty, diversity, and shared values.We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our employees who made this celebration unforgettable and to our beloved nation for providing the foundation upon which we continue to build our success.

June 2023

Founders Day 2023

Amidst an air of excitement and gratitude, we came together to commemorate our company’s Founders Day , and to add to the excitement, the Annual Meet coincided with the occasion, making it all the more remarkable. It was a special occasion as we not only commemorated the visionaries who laid the foundation of our organization but also marked a significant milestone - the transition to a private limited company.

The day was filled with reflections on our journey, achievements, and the relentless dedication of our founders. Colleagues shared anecdotes, expressing their gratitude for the opportunities and growth they have experienced. The office was adorned with decorations that symbolises our shared values and aspirations. As we raised a toast to our founders, we also looked ahead to the future with renewed enthusiasm.

June 2023

Award Function 2023

Our office recently hosted a remarkable award function, honouring the exceptional achievements of our talented employees. The event was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and brilliance that permeates our workplace.

The stage was set, anticipation filled the air, as deserving individuals were recognized across various categories. From Outstanding Leadership to Innovation and Collaboration, each award celebrated excellence and showcased the remarkable talent within our organization.

The room buzzed with excitement and pride as winners graciously accepted their well-deserved accolades. The award function not only acknowledged their outstanding contributions but also served as a source of motivation for all, igniting a renewed sense of determination to strive for greatness.

April 2023

Pohela Boishakh

The office was filled with vibrant colours and cheerful faces as we celebrated Pohela Boishakh, the Bengali New Year. Colleagues dressed in traditional attire, adorning themselves with exquisite jewellery and flowers. The air resonated with the melodious tunes of Rabindra Sangeet.

We exchanged heartfelt greetings of "Subho Noboborsho" and shared wishes for a prosperous year ahead. The celebration brought us closer as a team, fostering a sense of unity and cultural pride within the office. Pohela Boishakh celebration was truly a joyous occasion that reminded us of the richness of our cultural heritage and the spirit of togetherness.

March 2023

Women’s Day 2023

In honour of International Women's Day, our office held a vibrant and empowering celebration that left everyone inspired and energised. The highlight of the event was a thrilling fun play competition among our talented and dynamic female employees.

With enthusiasm and creativity in the air, our female team members showcased their extraordinary skills, both on and off the stage. The competition witnessed a diverse range of acts, including humorous skits, motivational speeches, and even a few surprise musical performances. Laughter and applause filled the room as each participant brought their unique talents to the forefront.

The event not only celebrated the achievements of women in our workplace but also fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie. It served as a reminder of the incredible contributions made by women and their invaluable role in shaping our organization's success.

December 2022

Christmas Celebration 2022

Our office's Christmas celebration was an absolute blast! The entire space was transformed into a dazzling winter wonderland, filled with glittering decorations and festive cheer. The aroma of scrumptious treats wafted through the air, tempting everyone's taste buds. Colleagues gathered with contagious excitement, exchanging quirky gifts and sharing laughter that echoed throughout the room. We unleashed our competitive spirits during lively games and revelled in the surprise of our Secret Santa exchange. The night reached its peak with jaw-dropping performances from our incredibly talented coworkers, leaving us in awe.

October 2022

Diwali Celebration 2022

Diwali, the festival of lights, transformed our office into a lively and joyous environment. Colleagues adorned the workspace with colourful decorations and beautiful diyas, illuminating every corner.The sound of laughter resonated throughout the room, mingling with the exchange of warm wishes and the delightful flavours of tempting sweets. A special puja ceremony was held, where we sought blessings for prosperity and success. The office corridors echoed with the sound of festive music and cheerful conversations. We embraced the spirit of unity as we shared the festive feast, enjoying traditional delicacies together. Diwali in our office created a memorable bonding experience, strengthening relationships and a sense of togetherness.


Birthday Celebration 2023

Birthday celebrations in our office are a time of excitement and togetherness. As the birthday person walks into the office, they are greeted with cheerful smiles and warm wishes. Colleagues decorate their desk with balloons and streamers, creating a happy ambiance. The office buzzes with anticipation as everyone gathers for a surprise celebration. A birthday cake is presented, and we all sing in unison to honour the special day. The atmosphere is filled with laughter, heartfelt messages, and moments of shared joy. Colleagues exchange thoughtful gifts, making the birthday person feel cherished and valued. It's a time when work takes a backseat, and we come together to celebrate the uniqueness of each team member.

Nov 2017

Religious tour to Tarapith 2019

The religious trip to Tarapith was indeed memorable and noteworthy. We all have our religious views but at the same time, we believe in tolerance and togetherness. To make our tolerance stronger we thought of seeking blessing from the Goddess of authority, Kali. Goddess Kali is an embodiment of women empowerment and dominance. To exceed and excel in our respective areas seeking her blessings can bring about loads of accolades for us. A great initiative being taken by our company and the employees enjoyed every bit of their stay in this religious sanctity.

Apr 2017

Office tour to Santiniketan 2018

For maintaining a perfect work-life balance we headed to the abode of Peace, Santiniketan. It is a perfect place to drive away from the morbid claustrophobia of daily existentialism and adopt the serene natural effulgence of the location. Getting submerged in folk music sung by the Bauls allowed us to hark back to our roots and enjoy a splendiferous time.

We hardly get any time these days to spend some time in a tranquil ambience. We are happy that our corporation has a provision for that. We got the opportunity to know how the master poet, Rabindra Nath Tagore composed some of his enthralling lyrics and rhythmic verses. We paid homage to this instrumental composer and poet who still reside in the heart of every Indian.

Dec 2018

Office tour to Darjeeling 2019

The office tour to Darjeeling was a memorable one and one of the best events ever celebrated in our company. We believe in a perfect work-life balance and we ensure that the employees working us enjoy every bit of their stay here.

By taking us to Darjeeling the top management once again proved that they care for every individual and allows them with a homely ambience. Being in this tranquil city of Darjeeling and experiencing the Snowy peaks of Kanchenjunga from proximity was an adorable moment. Witnessing the golden flicker of the Tiger hills right at dawn was all possible for the positive initiative by our company.

Jun 2018

Office tour to Nepal 2019

Visiting Nepal was yet another initiative being taken by our company. The Himalayan state of Nepal needs special description and the elegance needs inspiring synonyms and adjectives to get described. The calmness of the country will make you forget the despair and desolation. We were proud to have witnessed the world's largest peak right from this country. All thanks go to the CITS management. The memories of Nepal are still fresh with us. It was a great journey courtesy CITS.

August 2022

Independence Day 2022

Our office celebrated Independence Day with fervor and pride. Colleagues donned the tri-color attire, adorning the workplace with a vibrant patriotic spirit. As India reached its momentous milestone of 75 years of Independence on 15th August 2022, we commemorated the historic occasion with enthusiasm. The event featured speeches honoring our nation's journey, cultural performances, and flag hoisting ceremony. Amidst cheers and applause, we came together as one, reaffirming our commitment to the progress and prosperity of our great nation. The celebration filled us with a sense of unity and patriotism that will resonate in our hearts for years to come.

Aug 2019

Project Delivery Party

If we are taking up a big project we firstly estimate the number of individuals taking part in the project and then give a deadline to the client. We try and complete the entire task within a stipulated frame of time and make sure that every single area has been touched on seamlessly.

After getting positive feedback from the client we go out for a party to celebrate the success of the project. We understand the diligence that our professionals put up for the success of our project. To motivate them and encourage them to work with enthusiasm, these little initiatives are being taken up by the company.

March 2022

Holi Celebration 2022

The office came alive with an explosion of colours and laughter as we celebrated Holi with immense enthusiasm. Colleagues were resplendent in their exquisite ethnic attires, creating a vibrant and joyful ambiance. With playfulness in the air, we joyfully immersed ourselves in the traditional play of colours, forgetting all inhibitions and letting the child within us run free. The aroma of thandai and the sight of colorful sweets in the potluck spread heightened the festive spirit and brought smiles to everyone's faces. This Holi celebration not only strengthened our bonds but also provided a much-needed break from work, leaving us refreshed and reenergized.

Oct 2019

Durga Puja Celebration 2023

Throughout the year, like all other Bengali, we too wait for the Homecoming of Maa Durga. Here in Kolkata, the city takes a new tone and shape altogether.

Before our office gets closed for four days of the gala, we celebrate the homecoming of the Goddess on Sashti. Having draped in traditional attire we try and decorate our office, keeping the theme of Durga Puja in mind. After a bit of celebration, a team lunch is organized either in our office campus or at a rated restaurant in the city.

Jan 2020

New Year Celebration 2023

We believe in the strategy of work hard and party harder and there is no better option than kick-starting the year with a bang. During the New Year, our employees devote themselves to decorating our corporate location.

The chromatic balloons along with ribbons and stars make our office gain the hues of vitality. Numerous games and fun-filled activities lit up the mood in the office. We motivate our employees to participate in quite a few activities. This fun event right at the commencement of the year is ideal keeps us charged with positive vibes. It allows us to devote our dedication to every task we perform.

Dec 2019

Christmas Celebration 2023

At CITS Christmas is celebrated uniquely and innovatively. The office gets adorned with the Christmas theme and the office interior gets a lively tone of positivity. The employees are told to dress up in a chromatic manner matching the Christmas theme. Though there is no secret Santa here, we make sure each employee receives a token of appreciation from our end. CITS is, in reality, the Santa for every employee.

Jan 2020

Saraswati Puja 2023

We all belong to a creative domain and we must thank the Goddess of creativity for showering the blessings on us. On this auspicious day, our company never forgets to thank the Goddess. We offer our devotion and take part in cultural activities. After the end of the religious hegemony, we gather for lunch and enjoy a gala time. Taking a day off from the din and bustle of daily corporate life allows us to know each other and our religious testimony. This is indeed a day of tolerance and togetherness.

Jan 2020

Sports Day

Being fit is essential and key to success for a professional individual. CITS takes up the onus of involving all employees in varied sports. It not only tests the physical ability of an employee but also tests the mental ability. The involvement in sports allows the employees to motivate themselves and keep up the work-life balance. To inspire them we give away a few awards to the winners and the runners up.

March 2020

Women’s Day 2019

We celebrates women’s day on 8th March every year, but it is solely our consideration that every single day should be celebrated as Women’s day, as their contribution to the society is immense. But just to commemorate their astounding prowess our company takes up the onus of doing something special for our female employees.

We involve all of them in some playful activities and honour them by presenting some token of appreciation. A simple present is just not enough for these skilful professionals who put up their diligence to prove their worth. They are the real society builders and key persona’s who allow us to get a transparent picture of our traditional culture and contemporary upliftment.

Feb 2020

Project sign off Party

As we take up a project we recruit some professional to work on the project. We must ensure that the project runs seamlessly. To do so we need to motivate our employees. They should get the correct exposure and the rightful tools to work with.

But before we finally begin the task, we take all the employees working with the project for project commencement party. This little source of motivation allows our employees to take up the project wholeheartedly and put their best foot forward for the task.

Apr 2020

Founders Day

We began our journey on exactly 13 years ago on 12th April and this date is considered to be our founders’ day. We have grown in leaps and bounds as a company and today we are one of the leading IT companies in Kolkata. We are happy to have reached the acme of success and we think it is time to give back to the society whatever we can.

Our management takes the initiative of being part of societal development in a manner we can. We try and distribute food along with clothing to the underprivileged children and the needy. We take part with a few reputed Non-Government organisation and charitable institutions to offer whatever we can which can be utilised for society building. Our initiative is just a baby step to bring halcyon days for a few individuals.