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Are you just starting with online marketing?

Waiting for your first lead from search engines can be agonising. It takes time for your website to

Gain visibility
Attract organic traffic.

If you want quicker results to match your efforts, PPC packages in India might be the way to go! But hold on, my friend – when it comes to pay-per-click assistance, it is crucial to put your trust in genuine pay-per-click experts.

While there is no dearth of pay-per-click experts out there, not all of them are truly knowledgeable or reliable. Choose the wrong one – you will waste money and effort. That is where we can help you. As a premier PPC company in India, we deliver tailored strategies to help businesses succeed in the digital landscape.

At Comval, with the best pricing in India, we understand the importance of having the right expertise by your side. We take pride in our team of Google Ads management-certified professionals, each with years of experience in managing pay-per-click campaigns for international clients. They can improve your PPC or pay per click advertising ROI with ease.

Why Use PPC Ads: Unveiling the Benefits

Just what are the advantages of PPC advertisements? To begin with, you must follow a specific process for pay-per-click. These steps are essential to establish an effective pay-per-click campaign. Once the setup is complete, you can commence running Ads and see the results.

PPC Campaign – How Does It Work?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a complex process that involves various activities. To better understand and maximise the benefits of these activities within a given advertising budget, pay-per-click experts divide the pay-per-click process into two main parts:
Research & setup
Management and optimization
The first step in any PPC management packages starting process is to understand your business, audience, and goals. This step is vital because pay-per-click ads can have different effects depending on your specific business and objectives. That is why we must discuss your business, target audience, and the goals you want to achieve. By having this understanding, we can create a pay-per-click strategy that is tailored to your needs.

Campaign Setup Process:

The research and setup process is a critical phase that forms the groundwork for successful pay-per-click campaigns. It involves conducting comprehensive research and executing various tasks to establish a strong foundation.

Before diving into the campaign, thorough research is conducted to gather valuable insights and information. This research helps in understanding the target audience, market trends, and competitor analysis.

Once the research is complete, the following steps are undertaken to lay a robust foundation for the pay-per-click campaign:

Audience selection

Identifying and targeting the appropriate audience for the campaign based on the research findings.

Keywords research

Conduct in-depth research to determine relevant keywords that align with the campaign goals and resonate with the target audience.

Ads creation

Crafting compelling and engaging ads that effectively communicate the campaign's message to the target audience.

Ad group setups

Grouping similar keywords into Ad groups to streamline campaign management and improve relevancy.

Campaign structure setup

Organising the overall structure of the campaign, including Ad groups and keywords, based on the identified themes or categories.

Different types of Ads Extension

Implementing various Ad extensions to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of the Ads, such as site links, call extensions, or structured snippets.

Budget allocation

Allocating the Advertising budget strategically across different campaigns and Ad groups to maximise the campaign's reach and impact.

Bidding method & bid selections

Choosing the appropriate bidding method and optimising bids to ensure the campaign's performance aligns with the desired objectives.

Keywords match types

Select the relevant match types for keywords to control Ad targeting and match user search intent accurately.

Negative keywords

Identifying and excluding irrelevant keywords that could trigger Ads inappropriately or attract unwanted traffic.

Banner Ads creation

Designing visually appealing banner Ads to attract user attention and enhance brand visibility across various PPC Ad networks.

Analytic setup

Integrating analytics tools to gather data and gain insights into campaign performance, user behaviour, and website interactions.

Conversion tracking setup

Setting up tracking mechanisms to measure and analyse the effectiveness of conversions, such as implementing conversion tracking codes or integrating with third-party analytics tools.

Remarketing campaign setup

Creating campaigns that specifically target users who have previously interacted with the website or previous Ads, aiming to re-engage them and drive conversions.

Location & Device Adjustment

Tailoring the campaign settings to specific locations and devices to optimise targeting and improve campaign performance in relevant geographical areas.

Merchant centre, Shopping Ads setup for eCommerce sites

Configuring the necessary components for running effective shopping campaigns on eCommerce platforms, including product feeds, data integration, and inventory management.

And numerous other activities that contribute to the overall setup process, depending on the specific goals and requirements of the pay-per-click campaign.

Management and Optimization

Running Ads on Google may seem easy at first glance. Indeed, the process of creating Ads and investing money to initiate their deployment is straightforward. Almost anyone can do it. However, achieving favourable outcomes from these Ads requires expertise. It goes beyond mere setup.

Once the setup is complete and the Ads are up and running, it is not advisable to simply let them continue consuming your funds without any oversight. Entrusting Google to manage your money entirely is not recommended, as Google’s primary objective is to sell Advertising space and generate revenue. Consequently, they cannot guarantee specific results, and you cannot hold them accountable in this regard.

Hence, you are highly recommended to enlist the services of skilled PPC experts who can effectively handle your budget and deliver desired outcomes. An experienced PPC Manager engages in numerous activities daily, some of which include:

Analysing historical data

Gain insights from past campaign performance to refine strategies.

Adding relevant keywords

Continuously expand reach by identifying keywords aligned with objectives.

Pausing underperforming keywords

Allocate resources efficiently by pausing ineffective keywords.

Excluding negative keywords

Exclude irrelevant terms to target the most qualified audience.

Optimising keyword bids

Balance cost and performance for maximum effectiveness.

Conducting A/B testing

Identify high-performing Ad variations for improved conversions

Focusing on conversion optimization

Enhance actions through strategies like landing page optimization.

Restructuring account organisation

Optimise management efficiency across campaigns and Ad groups.

Optimising performance on devices

Adjust settings for optimal user experience on different devices.

Fine-tuning location targeting

Refine parameters to reach relevant locations and customers.

Optimising Ad Scheduling

Maximise performance during peak user activity.

Analysing competitors

Identify opportunities and Adapt campaign strategies accordingly.

Providing comprehensive reports

Assess progress, understand trends, and make informed decisions.

Still not clear about the PPC Campaign? Let our experts help you!!

Introducing Strikingly Different PPC Packages

GEO Fencing Ad Services

Our GEO Fencing Ad Services create virtual boundaries around specific locations or areas. These boundaries are constantly monitored to target mobile device users who cross them. This innovative approach allows you to engage with potential customers precisely when and where it matters most.

Search Ads

Search Ads are an effective marketing strategy. This involves integrating digital advertisements with search engine results. Each time a user clicks on one of your search Ads, a small fee is charged. This approach ensures that your Ads are visible to potential customers actively seeking relevant information or products.

Google Shopping Ads

Do you wish to provide detailed information about specific products? Google Shopping Ads are the way to go. These ads appear prominently at the top of search results, capturing the attention of users searching for related items. Boost your visibility and increase the chances of attracting potential customers with these highly informative Ads.

Local Ads

Reach out to individuals in your local area who are actively seeking your services on Google. Our local Ads help you connect with potential customers in your vicinity, and you only pay when a lead is generated through the Ad. This targeted approach ensures that your promotional efforts are focused on the right audience, maximising your return on investment.

Why to hire

Uncertain about which type of PPC advertising is the right fit for you?

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Factors Influencing Google Ads Cost


Nature of your business

  • The cost of advertising on Google can be influenced by the nature of your business.
  • High competition in businesses can lead to increased advertising costs as attracting customers through ads requires higher payments.


  • The choice of keywords can significantly impact Ads pricing (PPC ads generally run in text).
  • Some keywords may be cheaper. Others can be quite costly for result-driven PPC.
  • If multiple Advertisers are competing for the same keywords, the bidding price will increase.

Campaign Optimization:

  • The effectiveness of your campaign optimization strategies can impact the overall cost of Google Ads.
  • Efficiently managing and fine-tuning your campaigns can help optimise performance and potentially reduce costs.

Location and Time

  • Advertising costs on Google can vary based on location and time.
  • If many Advertisers are targeting the same keywords in a particular location, the competition can drive up costs.
  • Similarly, advertising during prime time may come at a higher price due to increased demand.

Monthly Advertising Budget

  • Your monthly advertising budget plays a significant role in determining your Google Ads expenses. It helps determine the optimal utilization of your Google advertising budget and sets the range of minimum and maximum costs to be paid.
  • Higher budgets provide more flexibility and potentially better visibility, but they also influence overall expenses.

Ads Position:

  • The position of your Ads also plays a role in determining the cost.
  • The top position is generally more expensive than the lower positions.
  • However, strategically creating attractive ads and aiming for the 2nd or 3rd position can still yield good results with lower costs.
  • Even at a slightly lower position, well-crafted Google Ads can generate more clicks.

Market Competition

  • The level of competition in your industry or market segment can influence Ads costs.
  • If many competitors are vying for the same target audience, the competition may drive up advertising expenses.

Types of Campaigns

  • The type of campaign you choose, such as search, shopping, smart, or video campaigns, can affect the cost structure.
  • Each campaign type may have its pricing dynamics and considerations.

Resources Required for Managing It

  • The resources needed to effectively manage your Ads account can indirectly impact the overall costs.
  • · Efficient utilisation of resources and expertise can lead to better results and potentially lower expenses.

Size of Ads Account

  • The size of your Ads account, including the number of campaigns, keywords, and Ads, can impact the costs.
  • Managing a larger account with more elements requires additional resources and can contribute to higher expenses.

Why Do You Need a Google AdWords and PPC Expert?

Having an AdWords and pay-per-click expert is crucial for successful online Advertising campaigns.

Specialised skills are required for advanced conversion tracking and landing page optimization based on customer psychology.

Regular execution audits and dynamic changes are necessary for optimal performance.

Moreover, staying updated with the latest Google ads pricing features and updates is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

Without a pay-per-click expert, you risk declining Ad positions and higher costs, resulting in financial losses.

Our experts possess the knowledge and experience to conduct effective keyword research and generate conversion-focused Ad copies. Trust our expertise to navigate the intricacies of AdWords and maximise your ROI.