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Magento as the Ultimate Answer for Business Growth

Transforming the world of ecommerce, Magento emerges as one of the most sought-after and user-friendly platforms. It has earned a distinct reputation by providing online merchants with exceptional benefits, encompassing high functionalities, extensive control over appearance, and a remarkably versatile shopping cart system. Being an open source technology, it equips businesses with powerful marketing, SEO, and catalog-management tools. At Comval, our expert Magento developers comprehend the unique requirements of each business, crafting online Magento stores that cater to individual needs. As a leading Magento Development Company, We have a team of skilled professionals who excel in various Magento versions, including Magento 2.3 and Magento 2.4, offering robust storefront models and bespoke Magento web designs tailored to perfection.

Magento developers

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Advantages of Choosing Magento for Your Online Store Development

In the ever-changing landscape of fast-paced eCommerce growth, choosing the right platform is crucial. And that’s where Magento shines. With Magento, scalability is no issue, whether you run a small or large business. Its flexibility caters to all your needs and requirements. Furthermore, Magento development ensures seamless mCommerce compatibility across various web browsers and devices.

Effortless installation, customizable layouts, and extra features.


Flexible and scalable e-commerce solution with open-source technology.


Highly effective and cost-sensitive.


Discounts and promotions available during the checkout process.


Over 50 payment gateways supported.


SEO friendly for better search engine visibility.


Abundance of marketing promotions and coupon tools.


Streamlined one-page checkout process.


Rich customer account features and user-friendly contact form.


Convenient shipping to multiple addresses.


Supports UPS, UPS XML, and DHL for efficient shipping options.


Effortlessly manage multiple storefronts with a single back-end.

Magento Development

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Our Diverse Magento Development Services

eCommerce Website Development

We have a strong history of creating successful eCommerce stores. Our team of experienced developers uses their expertise to plan effective strategies for Magento website development and create user-friendly designs. We can also design stores that support multiple languages and currencies, ensuring they are optimized for search engines and tailored to meet your specific business goals.

Theme and Template Design

Our UI/UX design team works diligently to create exceptional designs for your Magento website development project. We focus on creating responsive and user-friendly theme designs, customizing them to your specific requirements, and ensuring smooth installations. Throughout the process, we prioritize your needs, vision, and goals.

Magento Upgrade and Migration

Our experienced team is highly skilled in conducting upgrades and migrations while prioritizing speed optimization and data security. We can help you migrate from other platforms to Magento or upgrade within Magento itself. Throughout the process, we ensure that your data and design are securely transferred, preserving layouts and seamlessly transferring functions.

Third-Party App Integration

No matter if you need to integrate a payment gateway, a Magento extension, or any other external extension, our team is fully capable of smoothly integrating them into your existing eCommerce system. We ensure everything runs smoothly without causing server crashes or slowing down your website.

Magento Headless PWA Development

Enhance your customers' app experience with the seamless integration of Headless PWA technology into your store. Allow your business to provide a native-app-like journey, captivating users with top-notch performance and user-friendliness. Trust our team of expert developers to turn this vision into reality and drive success for your venture.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our team ensures seamless payment gateway integration on the Magento platform, supporting multiple currencies. Rest assured that your payment system will be fully optimized, meeting all your specific requirements for a smooth and efficient e-commerce experience.

Custom Magento Extension Development

Whether you seek a Magento extension for your personal e-commerce store or a bespoke solution to enhance your SAAS services, our team is adept at crafting tailored extensions. Rest assured, we adhere to Magento standards and deliver bug-free code, while ensuring approval from the Magento marketplace.

Magento Multi-Vendor Development

We also provide PSD to Magento conversion and custom Magento theme development services. We accept diverse design formats like Sketch, JPEG, PDF, Figma, and PSD, converting them into pixel-perfect Magento themes that comply with standards.

Magento Support and Maintenance

In addition to setting up your eCommerce store, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to give you peace of mind in the long run. Our team is prepared to conduct regular audits of the source code, monitor and analyze performance at all levels, and handle post-development installations and configurations. We're here to ensure everything runs smoothly even after the initial setup.

Types of Magento eCommerce Websites We've Created

Our team of Magento professionals has extensive experience in developing various types of eCommerce websites using Magento. Following are some examples of the online stores we have successfully delivered.
Furniture and home decor websites
Health and wellness websites
Food and drink ordering websites
Toy and baby products websites
Gifts and flower delivery websites
Auto and car parts websites
Beauty and cosmetic websites
Electronic shopping store websites
Online grocery shopping websites
Women's fashion and clothing websites
Fitness and sports websites
B2B eCommerce websites

Unveil the Richness of Our Portfolio Collection

With a diverse array of offerings that cater to every need, from visually appealing websites to timeless classics, prepare for an extraordinary experience.
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Our Magento Development Process

Simultaneously adopting agile and DevOps, Comval ensures genuine feedback and low-risk software development by fostering collaboration among the Project Manager, Developers, Designer, and QA at every stage.
01 Step
Information Gathering & Analyzing Data

We start by gathering vital information and analyzing data from our clients to fully understand their needs and objectives for the Magento development project.

02 Step
Planning and Wireframing

Next, we meticulously plan the development process and create detailed wireframes that act as a blueprint for the Magento store, ensuring an organized and effective approach.

03 Step
Prototype and Designing

We develop a functional prototype for the Magento store, combining the approved wireframes with captivating designs that enhance the user experience and visual appeal.

04 Step
Development and Implementation

Our skilled team codes and develops the Magento store, following industry best practices, and integrating essential extensions and modules for optimal performance.

05 Step
Testing and Feedback

To ensure a seamless experience, we conduct thorough testing, actively seeking feedback from clients and users, and use it to refine and improve the store.

06 Step
Deployment and Maintenance

Once everything is set, we deploy the developed Magento store to a live server. Our support doesn't end there – we provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and security patches to keep the store running smoothly.

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Our Hiring Models

We offer flexibility in choosing the best-suited engagement models for all our clients.
Our hourly hiring rate starts at just USD 8/hr.

Dedicated Hiring


7 Hours/ Day, 5 Days/ Week


Voice Call,Email,Skype,Other



Hiring Period

Minimum 1 Month

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Fixed Pricing Hiring


4 Hours/ Day, 5 Days/ Week


Voice Call,Email,Skype,Other



Hiring Period

Minimum 7 Days

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Hourly Hiring


3 Hours/ Day, 5 Days/ Week


Voice Call,Email,Skype,Other



Hiring Period

Minimum 3 Hours

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General Questions by Client

Here are answers to some common questions that may arrive in your mind

Magento is generally considered to be a secure e-commerce platform, with a variety of built-in security features and options. However, like any online platform, Comval takes appropriate security measures to protect your store and customer data.
Magento offers a free, open-source version called Magento Community Edition and a paid, enterprise-level version called Magento Commerce. While the community edition is free to use, businesses may need to pay for hosting, customization, and support services.
Yes, we offer Magento Customization Service that can customize your Magento store in a variety of ways. This includes changing the design and layout, adding custom functionality and features, integrating with third-party applications, and more.
Yes, Magento is designed with SEO best practices in mind, providing features to optimize your store for better search engine visibility.
Certainly! We specialize in creating mobile-responsive designs to ensure your store looks and functions flawlessly on various devices.
The development timeline depends on the complexity of your requirements, but we work diligently to deliver projects within agreed timelines.
Woocommrce Vs Magento

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