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Actualize your digital marketing efforts with Email Marketing

June 24, 2023
Actualize your digital marketing efforts with Email Marketing

Actualize your Digital Marketing Efforts with Email Marketing

Digital marketing is king when it comes to popularizing your products and services amongst a wide range of customers. There are plenty of choices through which you leverage the full potential of digital marketing. Some of the most popular choices include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Pay Per Click etc. However, many businesses still resort to the most effective strategy of Email Marketing.

Some Statistics to consider

Statistics say that around 72% percent of global customers like to receive promotional messages via emails. Conversely, only seventeen percent of people like to receive these messages via social media. In fact, only two percent of Facebook followers view your posts on their News Feed. This is because around 90% of promotional emails are delivered directly in the inboxes of the recipients.

Top Benefits of Email Marketing

There are many ways in which Email Marketing can help you execute your digital marketing strategies perfectly. A complete checklist of these benefits of email marketing can be considered below.

Saves Money

Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective option to popularize your products and services online. In fact, email marketing only comprises 20% of your overall marketing budget. So, to understand your email marketing budget, there are many factors you need to take into consideration. The intricacy of your email concept, email list and regularity of email campaign conduction are some of them. Spend some extra money more to buy personalized contents and take your business to new heights. The latter strategy is much more beneficial and can drive ample leads for your brand.

Measurable and Accessible

Email marketing is beneficial for your organization because emails can be accessed through smart phones now. So, most of the people will access the emails via their smart phones in case you have launched an email marketing campaign. In fact, a 2019 statistics has shown that sixty percent of these campaigns were accessed by people through their mobile devices. So, make sure that you implementing effective email marketing strategies unfailingly. This way you can make your email marketing campaigns more acceptable to people. Hence consider these tips:

By following these strategies given above you too can turn your email marketing efforts into sheer success. Moreover, you can measure the outcomes of your email marketing campaigns impeccably. You can use a robust email marketing software program in this matter. That way you can track an array of metrics. These include which links have been accessed and who particularly opened the mail etc. You can also track the latest number of subscribers comprising your mail list through the said software system

A/B Testing

You can go for an A/B Testing as well to evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. A/B Testing basically allows you to assess the efficacy of your campaigns from both the angles. As a result you will get a clearer idea about how effective your email marketing campaigns were.

A More Relevant Option

Opting for email marketing means choosing a much more pragmatic digital marketing strategy. Say for example, social media marketing comes with a range of challenges. Ambiguous brand voice, low quality publicity and delayed ROI outcomes are all a part of this journey. In fact, many social media platforms are fizzling out much before digital marketers can conduct their campaigns over there. Conversely, email marketing lets you take all the important actions on time. Some of the things which email marketing lets you do can be considered below.

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Time to Sign Off!

Email marketing is a cost-effective option and yields the best results within the shortest period of time. So, to leverage its full potential, always feel free to contact the best web development company in India.