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A comprehensive comparison between React JS and Angular JS

May 29, 2023
A comprehensive comparison between React JS and Angular JS

A Comprehensive Comparison between React JS and Angular JS

Web developers find it really tough to rely on a particular technology when building a single- page application. In fact, there are several tools readily available for building single-page applications. However, as the number of options is too massive, there is no need to get confused. This is because today’s write-up will draw a quick comparison between ReactJS and AngularJS. By using either of these tools, you can build the most attractive web applications ever. So, the best option would be to hire a professional team to use either AngularJS or ReactJS in the finest possible manner.

React JS

React JS was developed by Facebook and all the members of its community. Then, it was launched in the year 2013. JSP and JavaScript are two of the programming languages on which ReactJS is based. ReactJS has created a versatile User Interface (UI) for Web Applications in the form of an Open Source JS library that also with React elements. Besides, ReactJS only provides view in Model View Controller or MVC. In return, users find it a bit less structured as compared to Angular JS.

Angular JS

Angular JS is presently considered as one of the most popular tools for building flawless web applications. It is basically an open-source Model-View-Controller application resembling that of JavaScript. AngularJS was developed by a community of Google specialists. This is the reason for which it is considered as an appropriate option for building single-page applications properly. It lets users use HTML as the fundamental language while upgrading the HTML syntax effectively. This is because it aims at specifying the components of the applications in a clear and concise manner.

Templates and Directives

Well, when it comes to AngularJS it has its own set of directives. Prominent examples include n- app and ng-bind which it requires for working on the DOM. In short, choosing AngularJS would be the most competent way for working with the DOM. Besides, there is also another option to use the directives effectively which are both specific as well as standard in type. By using these directives, you can bind the DOM elements within the various AngularJS applications out there. Conversely, there is no template logic or division of templates which React offers to its users.

Injection of Dependency

The Dependency Injection is basically a software layout pattern. Its main aim is to make the various components worthy of maintenance, reuse and that of testing. With AngularJS, you can access the different injected objects easily. On the contrary, ReactJS doesn’t offer the built-in container designed specifically for dependency injection. So, now it’s up to you that whether you will choose AngularJS or ReactJS to build your most awaited web application.


The loading speed of web pages can be decreased reasonably by using AngularJS. Aside, the communication that takes place is also asynchronous by nature. This in return improves the speed of the web applications to a reasonable extent. On the flip side, ReactJS has the ability to build its own virtually processed DOM which consists of high-quality components. As a result, the process of building web applications becomes way more flexible and faster than what one may think. However, when using AngularJS, you will find its applications extremely dynamic with relatively lower performance.

What’s More?

In fact, the ReactJS apps offer much faster performance than Angular JS apps concerning apps of the same size. This is because the Virtual DOM of AngularJS is qualitatively much better than the Virtual DOM of React JS.

User Experience

The whole tree of AngularJS is updated automatically. The reason is Angular JS usually uses Real DOM for making the necessary changes within a single data structure. However, this automatic updation of the tree is beneficial only in a few cases. On the other end, React JS generally uses Virtual DOM which is basically an abstract version of the Real DOM. So, when users of ReactJS use its Virtual DOM, they are able to update the changes that were made by the end-users at the beginning.

Testing Application in Angular JS

Developers often find the task of testing their application a bit cumbersome and mundane. This is because it is the effective testing of a particular application that determines its extent of success. However, when you are using Angular JS you need not worry about anything. This is because AngularJS is comprised of an in-built functionality that makes the task of testing much easier. Moreover, the dependency injection which is integrated into the structure makes the activity of testing even more effortless. The best part is developers can pass in the test with flying colors simply due to the good-quality components of the dependency injections.

Structure of Component

Angular JS has transformed to a dynamic platform from that of a simple framework. Ever since it has evolved into its most updated version it has let users use its components easily that also within several frameworks. Besides, a few additional components might need to be added later on to extend the already existing components’ functionality.

A quick Overview of Angular JS


Needs additional components for managing dependencies

Data Binding:

Single-way data binding


Virtual DOM




May, 2013


Open Source JS Library



It is the succinct articulation of the application’s components for which users are increasingly choosing AngularJS over ReactJS. The features that AngularJS offers however have to align with your unique web application requirements.

A quick Overview of React JS

Here is a quick overview of React for you once more.


React JS manages dependencies automatically.

Data Binding:

Two-way data binding


Regular DOM




October, 2010


Comprehensively-featured MVC



When it comes to ReactJS, web application developers find it equally convenient like that of AngularJS. However, AngularJS is also a superb choice when it comes to building impressive web applications.

Time to Bid a Goodbye!

So, after reading today’s post, you must have understood that both ReactJS and AngularJS are equally remunerative options. If you are also looking forward to building the best web applications for your business, then, select either ReactJS or AngularJS according to your potential business goals.